Class Schedule & Descriptions

Rohana Yoga provides wide variety of traditional & holistic yoga classes that allow the practitioner to discover improved health & wellbeing.

Aromatherapy Vinyasa

Vinyasa with the addition of essential oils to heighten the sensory experience of the practice. Enjoy a flowing class linking breath and movement while learning about aromatherapy and how to use it for therapeutic effects. Taught in a style accessible to most people, you will enjoy strengthening and opening your body, along with quieting and focusing the mind.  

All levels welcome, modifications are given to keep the class accessible.


We will touch upon the fundamentals of breath, movement, & alignment, along with mindfulness.

Meant for the beginner student but all levels are welcome.

Chakra Wash

The chakras are energy systems that can get bogged down with stress, negative emotions & experiences. During this class we examine the chakras & explore postures meant to cleanse & release, allowing the practitioner to leave feeling refreshed & renewed.

All levels welcome.

Heavily Meditated 

Yin+Restorative+Nidra=Heavily Meditated!  This class incorporates the yin yoga philosophy, allowing your body to take 7-1- breaths to fully arrive into a pose, therefore releasing tension within the muscles, tendons & fascia. Props are used & encouraged to help restore the body, promoting further relaxation.  Following the asana practice is a yoga nidra inspired savasana.  Yoga nidra is know as the yogic sleep, inducing the brain into the theta brain waves, which results in rejuvenating the mind!

All levels welcome

Power Vinyasa

This class is based on the philosophies of Power Vinyasa, incorporating vigorous sequences to strengthen all areas of the body while simultaneously training the mind to remain calm and focused.   

Prior experience with yoga is helpful, however modifications are given to keep the class accessible for most everyone.


This class is safe for mamas in all trimesters. We will be helping you connect with the innate motherly wisdom that is already deeply embedded within our DNA through specific postures, mantras, breath work, and meditations. Yoga is known to help pregnant mamas alleviate common aches and pains such as nausea, constipation, swelling, and sciatica. This is a safe community space for mothers to freely discuss the physical and mental changes they may be experiencing along their journey.

 All levels welcome.


The philosophy of yin yoga is to allow your body to arrive in a pose after 7-10 breaths, thus releasing tension within the muscles, tendons, and fascia. Restorative yoga helps to replenish and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit through a slow mindful asana (posture) practice. Our restorative/yin yoga classes are designed to increase the mind-body connection via long supportive stretches, breathwork, deep relaxation, and meditation.

All levels welcome.

Slow Flow

In this class we invite you to slow down. We pause, exploring a slower movement & an opportunity to really touch each posture. We will use breath, movement, & meditation to find stillness.

All levels welcome.


Experience how good yoga can make you feel in a flowing class, linking breath and movement. Taught in a style accessible to most people, you will enjoy strengthening and opening your body, along with quieting and focusing the mind.

All levels welcome, modifications are given to keep the class accessible.

Vinyasa & Yin

Vinyasa and yin is a sweet blend. The first half of the class combines breath and movement in a vinyasa flow aimed at building strength, flexibility and balance.  In the second half of the class we drop down to our mats in long hold Yin postures to target connective tissues.  This helps to release deeply held tension as well as improve flexibility.  These two yoga styles pair together as a great way to relax, renew, and feel amazing!

All levels welcome, modifications are given to keep the class accessible.

 Yoga Nidra 

Yoga Nidra translates to 'yogic sleep.'  Our 60 minute Yoga Nidra sessions are designed for individuals that want to explore deeper layers of their subconcious mind.  The process helps to achieve alpha & theta Brain wave activity which are associated with the first two stages of sleep..  This is a deep restorative practice for the body, mind & spirit & helps to deprogram & rewire thought patterns that happen on a subconscious level.  Yoga Nidra research has shown to help people who suffer from stress, sleep disorders, low immune function, PTSD, unhealthy habitual behavioral patters, & addiction.  To prepare for the deep restorative journey, please dress in layers & wear comfortable clothing.  Sessions will be taught on the third Sunday of every month.

All levels welcome.  Prenatal safe.

Space is limited!  First come first serve.  To secure your spot you must pay for the class at the time of booking.  If you booked your spot online please arrive at least 5 minutes before the beginning of class to guarantee your spot unless you have already paid.  If you do not arrive by said time & you have not already paid the spot will be made available to a student on the waitlist.  If you sign up and are unable to make it please cancel your reservation so someone your spot is available to someone else!  


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