class descriptions

Ashtanga Primary Series

Prior yoga experience recommended.

An ancient yoga practice, rooted in India and popularized by Pattabhi Jois. This traditional practice synchronizes breath and movement to allow greater self awareness, strength, flexibility and balance. Modifications are provided making the class accessible to most students.


Meant for the beginner student but all levels are welcome. We will touch upon the fundamentals of breath, movement, and alignment.

Chakra Wash

The chakras are energy systems that can get bogged down with stress, negative emotions and experiences. During this class we examine the chakras and explore postures meant to cleanse and release, allowing the practitioner to leave feeling refreshed and renewed. All levels welcome.


Prior experience with yoga is recommended, however modifications are given to keep the class accessible for most everyone. Expect a challenging and sweaty practice using vinyasa longer “holds,” and exposure to some more advanced postures. This form of yoga challenges the mind, body and spirit to heal, cleanse and open the body to the rewards of the practice.

Slow Flow

All levels welcome. In this class we invite you to slow down. We pause, exploring a slower movement and an opportunity to really touch each posture. We will use breath, movement, and meditations to find stillness.